The Hyperloop – Train Innovation at 700 MPH

The Hyperloop, a breakthrough innovation idea from entrepreneur extraordinary Elon Musk, is becoming a real world, potential alternative to the trains we use today.

Virgin Hyperloop One, Dubai Road and Transport Authority and Mubai have just announced a breakthrough concept of a pod that could carry passengers 700 MPH as compared to a commercial jet cruising at 500 MPH.  And the pods feature luxurious and very spacious interiors.

According to the Huffington Post, the technological concept driving the Hyperloop  is “remarkably simple” as well as compelling:  electromagnetic levitation.  By levitating the pods, friction caused by the wheels is dramatically reduced and that exponentially increases the speed.  To further eliminate the friction down to near zero, the innovation companies behind the Hyperloop are placing the pod in a vacuum sealed tube.  That technological combination enables a transportation system that could travel 700-800 MPH.

A number of companies are in a race to be 1st at the finish line with the Hyperloop.  Virgin isn’t alone with its Hyperloop One.  Hyperloop Transportation  Technologies is working with a number of US cities to deploy the innovation technology across North America.  The promise, for example, Chicago to Cleveland in under 30 minutes versus a 5 hour car drive.



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