Biggest Technology Innovations of 2017

According to the MIT Technology Review, one of the Top 10 innovation breakthroughs of 2017 is practical quantum computers.  Big advances at Google, Intel and research groups are showing that computers with previously unimagined power are “within reach”.

A number of theoretical designs are being built.  And there’s an increased availability of funding from companies like Google, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, among others, for research and development of technologies needed to build the machines like microelectronics, complex circuits and control software.

At Google, their quantum computing team is on target to built a 49 quibit system within a year.  The target of around 50 quibits is called quantum supremacy — the point beyond which no standard supercomputer would be equal to handling or simulating the exponential growth in memory and communications bandwidth of the 50 quibit model.

Experts believe that within 2 to 5 years such systems will be for sale and start disrupting industries.  Eventually 100,000 quibit systems are forecast that will disrupt the drug, chemical and materials industries by creating molecular-scale models that will lead to the unforeseen discovery of new drugs and materials.  It’s breakthrough technology innovation generating exponential change and growth.


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