Israel’s Innovative AI Crime Fighting Tools

Imagine Artificial Intelligence tools, incorporating advanced cyber and big data, to predict and prevent crime.  It’s crime fighting on the cutting edge of innovation.

Ben-Gurion University and the Israeli Police say “we are on the threshold of the next big breakthrough:  analyzing big data to discover hidden patterns to predict and prevent crime”.

The University launched its Center for Computational Criminology this week.

The Jerusalem Post quotes Center Director Prof. Lior Rokach as forecasting:  “the AI revolution of the past few years will prove to be even more significant than DNA testing for law enforcement, providing them with unprecedented investigative tools and new sources of evidence.”

The University researchers and Israeli police are working side by side on this to develop new AI and machine learning tools for law enforcement to fight crime — whether cybercrime, which has greatly escalated in recent years, orpexels-photo-132700 traditional crime “by turning a threat into an opportunity”.

Ben Gurion University is a recognized international leader in cybersecurity and big data research.


1 thought on “Israel’s Innovative AI Crime Fighting Tools

  1. Israel is so advanced in innovation technologies like AI and 3D Printing and they deserve credit for their leadership.

Thanks for your comment.

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