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Smart sensing cities built around breakthrough Innovation Gamechangers digital technologies have been a goal for decades, only to be riddled with delays, downsizing and affordability indexes reachable only by the super rich.  But a new project in Toronto hopes to change that and match cutting edge urban design with state of the art digital technology.

The Toronto project is called Quayside and is planned for Toronto’s industrial waterfront.  Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs, Alphabet is Google’s parent company, is working with the Canadian government and Waterfront Toronto, the public agency overseeing the project.

What’s truly of Innovation Gamechangers’ interest in the development of Smart Sensing Cities is the intent of Quayside project developers to make decisions on design, policy and technology based on information gathered from an extensive network of sensors that monitor many indicators including air quality and noise generated from people’s activities.

Here’s a view of the innovation vision:  robots would be deployed underground to perform basic services like mail delivery;  all vehicles would be autonomous and shared.  And Sidewalk Labs will provide open access to the software and systems it’s creating so that other companies can use it as a base to build services on top of them.

According to the Executive in charge of Sidewalk Lab’s urban systems planning Rit Aggarwala:  “What’s distinctive about what we’re trying to do in Quayside is that the project is not only extraordinarily ambitious but also has a certain amount of humility.”  Construction could begin in 2019.

A number of other cities are also interested in possibly working with Sidewalk Labs, including Boston, Los Angeles, Denver and San Francisco.  For more information on the Toronto-Alphabet Sidewalk Labs Project, go to:

This is exciting innovation that could change the quality of life, affordability and the environmental quality of Smart Sensing Cities of the future.  For more expert insights and initiatives on innovation, go to:



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