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In the realm of imminent breakthrough innovation-gamechangers, cloud based Artificial Intelligence is making AI cheaper and a lot more easy to use.

The key players driving the democratization of AI are Google, Amazon, Microsoft and the availability is now.

Thus far, AI has been utilized mainly by big tech companies.  For many other companies and economic sectors, it has been too expensive and very difficult to fully deploy.  But a breakthrough has come through Machine-learning tools based in the cloud.  ‘

At the moment, Amazon is dominating the field with its AWS subsidiary.  And Microsoft, which has its own AI cloud platform, is partnering with Amazon to offer Gluon, which is being called an open source, deep learning library.

But a major contender and consistently cited as part of the premier innovation-gamechangers is Google with its TensorFlow, an open source AI library that can be used to build other machine learning software.  Also Google has announced Cloud AutoML, a suite of pretrained systems that could make AI much simpler to use.

The promise of all these systems is enabling the AI revolution to spread more broadly throughout sectors of the economy, increasing efficiencies and producing new products and services.

The potential exists for sectors like energy, medicine and manufacturing to be disrupted and transformed through technology with a big increase in productivity.

Interesting, because so few people understand how to fully utilize AI enabled through the cloud, Google and Amazon have started consulting services to educate and empower them.

Cloud based Artificial Intelligence will be a profound innovation-gamechanger when AI gets into the hands of a very broad segment of the population.

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