Innovation-gamechangers: 3D Printing’s Exponential Growth and Industry Disruption

3D printing is disrupting industries across the board from fashion to artificial organs and is one of the premier innovation-gamechangers experiencing exponential growth.  According to MIT @ 3D printers can now manufacture metal objects quickly and cheaply.

3D printing has been around for decades.  But printing objects with anything other than plastics — particularly with metals – has been expensive and very slow.

The key players in the new technologies enabling 3D metal printing are GE, MarkForged and Desktop Metal.

The technology is breakthrough.  The printers can create lighter, stronger and complex parts that can’t be done by conventional fabrication methods.  This makes it possible to manufacture large and complex metal objects on demand.  That could disrupt and transform the manufacturing industry.

Large factories that mass produce a limited number of parts will likely be replaced by smaller factories that adapt and customize to specific and changing customer needs.

There are several key developments:

  • 3D printing company MarkForged has created the first 3D metal printer for under $100,000.
  • Another company DeskTop Metal began shipping it first metal prototyping machine in December 2017.  It plans on start selling a much larger machine that is 100 times faster than older models very soon.
  • And GE, which has long been an advocate for 3D printing, has a new metal printer that is fast enough to make large parts.  It plans to start selling the machines this year.

For more information on what views as breakthrough, disruptive innovation with a future of exponential growth – 3D metal printing – go to:   or and


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Innovation GameChangers
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