Advertisements Electric Cars Powered by Wired Roads has uncovered gamechanging innovation research out of Stanford University that could enable widespread usage of electric cars.  It’s a concept for a new wireless power system embedded in the road, the so-called wired road, to charge electric cars while driving on the highway.

Researchers at Stanford University produced a wireless charger that does something other wireless charges can’t:  automatically tune the frequency of the radio wave, which is the medium that transfers the power, to account for changes in the distance between the charging pad and the device.

The team found that the system transferred power with 100% efficiency up to about 27 inches in distance between the road and the vehicle.  According to researchers, the range is a perfect fit for electric cars.  The car’s floor is about 8 inches above the road.  The charging pad could be embedded right below the surface of the road.

The researchers have tested the concept in computer simulations and in experiments using a LED light bulb.

They’ve created a wireless power system based on a concept derived from quantum mechanics called parity timed symmetry or PT symmetry.  Systems built based on the PT system have symmetrically arranged parts that either absorb electromagnetic energy or emit it.  The system doesn’t use a source for radio waves, or a tuning circuit and even works if the distance between the coil and car fluctuates.

But some experts question whether the system will work if the coil is fixed and the other is moving as the car would be.   Clearly, a lot of work needs to be done before this emerging innovation technology becomes an everyday reality for consumers.

But, believes it is leading edge innovation research that if it matures would be a dramatic gamechanger and enable dramatic efficiency and widespread utilization of electric cars.

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