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The science of being invisible, Cloaking Technology essentially promises “Now you see me, now you don’t”.  Is it science fiction or science fact? in our quest for global breakthrough innovation found that researchers at Ben-Gurion University Negev in Israel have successfully manipulated light to make an object, in this case a cloaking optical chip, totally invisible.  These are light beams of invisibility and are science fact.

Their method, which is brand new and breakthrough innovation, deflects and scatters light away from the cloaking technology chip’s surface, making it invisible and undetectable to the eye.  According to research, the next step is to develop a prototype which will be a challenge.  But this breakthrough technology could be part of a basic hide/invisibility set of technologies ranging from electromagnetic wave scattering to the dark paint put on Stealth bombers to avoid and absorb radar detection.

The Israeli researchers have demonstrated that it is possible to bend the light around an object located on the cloak of an optical chip, rendering the object invisible.

Meanwhile, is following researchers at the University of Vienna who are taking a different approach to the futuristic camouflage of cloaking technologies through light beams of invisibility.  They shine a beam of light, such as a laser, into an object from above and pump it full of energy.  That can alter the material’s properties making it transparent to other light wavelengths coming in from the side.

According to the Viennese researchers, the key to rendering the object invisible is to irradiate the object with its own specific patterns, reflecting the microscopic details of the light scattering process inside of it.

Cloaking technologies research is underway globally. believes this could lead to new integrated photonic devices that would harness electromagnetic fields of light at the nanoscale and open up a wide variety of potential applications of futuristic camouflage through light beams of invisibility.

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