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The US Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has a drone project underway that could change the face of war and provide our military forces with overwhelming tactical advantages. has learned that DARPA is engaged in a project called “The Gremlins UAS”, unmanned aircraft systems.  The concept it to deploy swarms of killer drone aircraft launched mid-air from large aircraft such as bombers and transport aircraft while out of the range of enemy forces.

When their mission is completed, the Gremlins would be retrieved mid-air by a C-130 transport plane.  They would then be returned to base and prepped for more missions.

The Gremlins UAS Are Coming

DARPA and the US military intend to test this highly innovative approach to modern warfare in 2019.  Each drone would be re-used up to 20 times.  The drones would swarm together to carry out critical missions on the frontline.  Two companies Dynetics and General Atomics are competing with each other in a DARPA contest to make the drone aircraft prototype.  The winner will develop a full scale technology demonstration system that will be test flown in 2019.

Cost and Life Savings

The potential benefits of the Gremlins UAS project are enormous.  It would eliminate the risks for pilots by keeping them out of the frontline.  And it could drastically cut costs.  The intent is to replace multi-function combat aircraft which are increasingly vulnerable and expensive.  The smaller unmanned drones, each with different capabilities, would conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, among other mission critical duties.   DARPA hopes to build on its automated, mid-air, re-fueling technology along with sea-based platforms to retrieve drones as they come in to land.

DARPA hopes the cheap drone aircraft will overwhelm increasingly sophisticated enemy defenses. believes this may be potentially gamechanging innovation on the cutting edge of warfare and potentially give our military forces overwhelming technological advantages.

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