Gamechanging Low Cost, Easy Access Diagnostic Tests for Global Populations

Diagnostic Tests on Paper the Size of a Stamp
Easy Access, Low Cost Diagnostic Testing has been tracking breakthrough innovation in the area of medical diagnostic testing.  Chemists, researchers and scientists at Cambridge, MA based Diagnostics for All have been working on a diagnostic test, in some cases the size of a postage stamp, for the detection of liver disease, AIDS, DNA/RNA and vulnerability to disease – an alert that immunization is needed.  The potential for this paper based technology is limitless, including self-testing for diabetes, mumps and measles.  It appears to be among emerging significant biotech breakthroughs.

That is the promise of this emerging technology that could revolutionize medicine and easily be deployed and utilized by remote and poor global populations.  It may address one of the world’s greatest health needs:  providing diagnostic testing, prevention and medical care to world’s rapidly growing poor populations in third world countries.

Our podcast with Dr. Una Ryan, renowned biotech scientist, graduate of Cambridge University, recipient of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) and former CEO of Diagnostics for All explores the potential of this potentially gamechanging and disruptive technology.


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