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Two Game Changer Technologies Robotics and 3D Printing Create Robot Fish by Maryanne Kane

It’s an underwater, highly advanced robotic innovation.  Game changer robot fish named SoFi.  A research team from MITs Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have unveiled a soft robot fish and it’s a swimming success.  SoFi  swam in the ocean untethered alongside of unsuspecting tropical fish in test dives off of Figi’s Rainbow Reef.  It’s an underwater first.

Game Changer for Robot Fish and Robotics

MIT researchers believe this is the first robot fish to swim untethered in 3 dimensions for extended periods of time.  SoFi swam in the ocean in depths over 50 feet for as long as 40 minutes.  It’s game changer technology.  SoFi is a biomimetic bot that closely resembles a real fish.  Robot fish is equipped with a camera to shoot video and pictures of its underwater surroundings, real fish and marine life without scaring them off.  It’s said to be the most advanced robot of its kind.  The robot fish is made of 3D printed plastics.  It has a tank to control its depth and a fin made from an hydraulic activator that pumps water in and out of its internal chambers, giving it fish-like movements. The tail bends and flexes moving SoFi forward.  It navigates through a buoyancy chamber and controllable fin.  And it’s piloted by a waterproof remote control that utilizes ultra-sonic signals.  The robot fish is able to explore delicate areas of the ocean like Figi’s Rainbow Reef, get closer more safely and do so while being accepted by marine species.

Next Strokes for Robot Fish

MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have been working on the robot fish for a few years.  To see SoFi in action, go to  The team’s next project is to upgrade the robot fish’s design to increase swimming speed and enable it to follow real fish and marine life with its camera.  or to and

For blogs on other robot fish and robotics being developed by DARPA, the US Defense Department’s Advanced Research project agency, go to




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