New Innovation DARPA’s Robot Ship

Gamechanger Robot Ship by Maryanne Kane

The US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, DARPA, has developed significant new innovation.  It has innovated the first prototype of an autonomous sub-hunting surface ship.  DARPA’s robot ship, christened SEA Hunter, has been provided to the Office of Naval Research for further testing, development and utilization.  It’s new innovation on the high seas, totally manned by robots, hence the robot ship.

DARPA:  Global Epicenter of New Innovation

DARPA has been at the forefront of global innovation for decades.  It’s primary mission is to develop breakthrough technologies for the US military to provide them with overwhelming technological advantages against adversaries.  DARPA is the force behind breakthrough, new innovation in robotics, drones, the internet, GPS, cloud computing and much more

Robot ship marks the end of DARPA’s Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel Program (ACTUV).  Robot ship will be further developed by the Office of Naval Research.  DARPA believes it is a revolutionary prototype vehicle that could ultimately lead to an entirely new class of ocean-going vessels able to operate in the open seas without a human crew member.

New Innovation to Detect Submarines

Robot ship uses a 5th generation medium frequency sonar system mounted on the hull.  It conducts active and passive sonar passes.  DARPA is also working on the creation of non-conventional sensor technologies.  This is another new innovation to identify surface ships and other objects at sea.

DARPA initiated the robot ship project in 2010.  It has been extensively tested including open sea trials for long range tracking capabilities and tests with a mine countermeasures payload.

Future of New Innovation of Robot Ships

DARPA’s vision for this new innovation is a future fleet in which manned warships and autonomous robot vessels complement each other to accomplish diverse missions.  Robot ship is very cost effective.  $15,000 to $20,000 per day to operate.  Whereas a guided missile destroyer cost $700,000 a day to operate.  Clearly, the US Navy could deploy dozens of the robot ship at a fraction of the cost of existing anti-submarine warfare ships now in service. views it as new innovation that will revolutionize US naval defenses.

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