New Innovation – Virgin Galactic’s Flight to Space Vacations

Podcasts with New Innovation CEO’s of Virgin Galactic, Terrafugia, DailyChatter/GlobalPost and DFA by Maryanne Kane

For new innovation, it’s a major milestone.  Virgin Galactic successfully accomplished the first rocket powered test flight of its new SpaceShipTwo.  This new innovation for space travel has many applications including space tourism and commercial payloads.  The mother aircraft released the space plane over the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 46,500 feet.  Space plane VSS Unity propelled to supersonic speeds of Mach 1.87 during what Virgin Galactic called a planned 30 second partial burn.

Up, Up, and Away New Innovation

The space plane reached 84,240 feet before its return descent to earth.  Virgin Galactic founder Sir Richard Branson was thrilled with the performance of his new innovation.  He wants to ferry tourists into suborbital space for $250,000 each. Podcast with the CEO of Virgin Galactic

For more on the new innovation and technology behind Virgin Galactic’s space adventure, listen to our podcast with Virgin Galactic CEO George Whitesides on the exciting future of space exploration and space vacations that this technology may deliver in the not too distant future.

Podcasts with Three More New Innovation CEO’s – All Innovation Trailblazers in Their Fields

Conversation with Dr. Carl Dietrich, a global leader in flying cars.  He and his team cracked the code and have created the world’s first flying and driving car, approved by the FAA and NTSB.

Conversation with Dr. Una Ryan, a Cambridge University educated Ph.D and leader for many years of Diagnostics For All.  It has developed new innovation to provide diagnostic tests the size of a postage stamp to particularly address third world health needs.  Dr. Ryan was awarded the Order of the British Empire for her many biotechnology breakthroughs.

Conversation with global news executive and news business model innovator Phil Balboni.  He

created New England Cable News, the nation’s largest regional  news service.  He also founded GlobalPost and DailyChatter, online international news services.

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