New Innovation DARPA Dancing Robot

New Innovation Provides More Mobility to Robots – By Maryanne Kane

It’s new innovation DARPA dancing robot program.  US Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency is teaching robots to dance.  This is highly significant.  DARPA wants to expand robot freedom of motion  through dance. The goal is to increase robots’ motion through computer algorithms transcoding the lexicon of dance.  Important because right now, robots have limited agility and largely linear motion.  Hence, dance stepping robots being developed by DARPA are new innovation that could have breakthrough and game-changing implications.

DARPA, Global Robotic Leader in New Innovation for Decades

DARPA was established in 1958 as the US Defense Department’s research arm to develop breakthrough new innovation for our troops.  The mission is to provide them overwhelming technological advantages over adversaries.  DARPA developed GPS, the internet, cloud computing and many new innovation robots like Space robots see our post, Robot Ship and much more.

Next Generation PackBot Dancing Robots for Bomb Defusion

DARPA’s research program is designed to take mission critical robots like PackBots to the next level. PackBots are rugged little robots used to patrol, locate and defuse bombs.  You can learn more about them in our podcast with DARPA leadership   New innovation we have showcased includes Packbots and other breakthrough robots developed by iRobot and Boston Dynamics in collaboration with DARPA.  Packbots have a mobile base that operate on treads and a long arm on top.  The motions are pre-programmed, static, linear and lack the high level of maneuverability that would be highly useful in dynamic military and bomb situations.

New innovation DARPA dancing robot increases agility

DARPA believes the mechanics of robot mobility has progressed very slowly.  New Innovation in DARPA’s dancing robots program includes a software update for PackBot and other robots that provides them with more agile, dance-inspired motion commands.  Researchers believe that layering in more motions will provide  robots a series of motion options to deal with and adapt to variables such as changing terrain and debris.  What is key about the new innovation is the robot is less dependent on programming done in advance.  DARPA dancing robot can adapt to changing circumstances in real-time.

Future of Robotics

DARPA’s vision of the future of robotics motion is enhanced fluidity and agility.  As one lead researcher put it:  “I think of robotics as dance.”   As robots navigate our world and become an integral part of it, one of the key components of new innovation needed is enhanced patterns of motion for robots.   That is why considers DARPA’s Dancing Robot such a game-changing project.  For more info on humanizing robots, such as DARPA Teaching Robots Manners go to  and





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