List of Top New Innovations

List of Top Five Innovations Changing the World by Maryanne Kane

list of top new innovations that excite the most is based largely on utility and the last in part on whimsy and the need for a governor switch on Artificial Intelligence.

Number One on our list:  Driverless Flying Cars

Topping the list of top new innovations. Imagine leaving your driveway in a vertical takeoff like that a of a helicopter and arriving in the parking lot of your local mall.  You’re being chauffeured by robotics and artificial intelligence in your driverless flying car.  No traffic jams or traffic lights.  Totally hassle-free.  All you need think about is your shopping list.  That’s the promise of driverless flying cars.  We have a podcast on this with the inventor of the world’s first flying car

Number Two on our list:  3D Printing on the list of top new innovations

Second on the list of top new innovations.   3D printing of everything from bicycles, cars, airplanes, human tissue, drugs, furniture, houses, candy.  These are some of the items possible or near possible for 3D printers to manufacture.  We have a podcast on 3D printing with one of the world’s leading expert who served as the CEO of 3D Systems

Number Three on our list:  Powered Exoskeletons

While the medical field is a prime area for exoskeleton therapy, the military, firefighters and rescue workers are also key beneficiaries.  Those with motor control loss due to illness, accidents, strokes and spinal cord injury are enabled to walk through powered exoskeletons.

Number Four on our list:  The Hyperloop

700 to 800 miles per hour is the promise of the train-like, Elon Musk conceived hyperloop.  It promises travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco in thirty minutes.  New York to Boston in fifteen minutes.  Atlanta to Dallas in fifty-five minutes.  It’s faster than 500 miles per hour commercial jets.  All without leaving the ground.  For more details, check out our blog

Number Five on our list:  Mannerly Robots

Rounding out our list of top new innovations is mannerly robots.  Imagine your teenage daughter announces all of her friends have boyfriends, so she needs a mannerly, upstanding one.  Enter DARPA’s mannerly robots.  Civil, ethical and already has a job with the military.  Manners may eliminate the fear that Artificial Intelligence may dominate humans someday.  For more information, check out our blog


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