New Innovation NASA Marsbees

New innovation NASA marsbees with a buzz on Mars.  By Maryanne Kane

new innovation nasa marsbees are robotic bees flying in swarms being developed to explore the planet Mars for any sign of life. They are an extraordinary NASA artificial intelligence, drone development project. These flying robots are as small as bees.  But their wingspan is proportionately much larger, like that of cicadas, to traverse Mars’ thin atmosphere. new innovation marsbees are being developed by NASA to explore Mars in a way its cumbersome rovers haven’t been able to –  with speed, distance, duration and agility.

New innovation marsbees roaming Mars with autonomy

NASA marsbees are artificial intelligence steered mechanical drones.  Like satellites, they will transmit the data they uncover wirelessly.  So, there’s no need for them to return to a base to transmit their findings to scientists.  NASA scientists are working in collaboration with a team of scientists in Japan to develop marsbees.

Technological Race to Mars

There is a long history of new innovation developers racing to explore Mars. Currently, innovator Elon Musk and his Space X envision the colonization of Mars and sending tourists on vacation there.  For years, Mars has been a priority for NASA. They’ve sent rovers there to gather information.  But rovers are slow and don’t travel over much ground.  Rover Curiosity, which landed on Mars in 2012, has traversed only 11 miles.  That’s why the new innovation NASA marsbees are so important.  They’re being developed to swarm and cover long distances with speed.

NASA’s New Innovation

Another piece of new innovation is NASA’s goal to launch marsbees from a mobile space base.  The base, most likely a rover, would perform as a communications and recharging station on Mars.  That would allow the marsbees to cover more ground for longer periods of time than traditional robots.  NASA is developing another nature inspired robotic new innovation.  It’s called hummingbird micro-air vehicle.  It soon will be tested by NASA in a simulation of Mars atmosphere.  NASA is also investing in twenty-five very early stage test projects to accelerate Mars exploration.

Nature Inspired Robotics

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