Fascinating Robotics – Backflipping Robots

Atlas, The Acrobat Robot by Maryanne Kane

In this post, spotlights the latest in Fascinating Robotics – Backflipping Robots.  Atlas can backflip and do half-turn jumps.  It can do that and much more.  It’s an amazing acrobat and athlete.   Atlas is the latest in a series of highly advanced humanoid robots that Boston Dynamics is developing.  Boston Dynamics is working with DARPA, US Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency, on the development project.  It calls Atlas the world’s most dynamic robot.

Humanoid Jumping Robots

Atlas is 4.9 feet tall and weighs 165 pounds.  Its control system coordinates the motion of its arms, legs and torso to achieve whole body mobility.  That innovation greatly expands its reach and workplace area.  It uses Lidar, the laser and sensor survey method, and stereo vision to move around in its surroundings.  Atlas is dexterous and has a sense of balance.  It can leap between raised platforms, do a180 degree turn in the air and backflip off a platform.

Fascinating Robotics –  Backflipping Robots & They’re Also Ready for Disaster Duty

Boston Dynamics designed Atlas to operate in emergency and disaster situations.  As an example, Atlas can go into buildings collapsed by earthquakes to search for signs of life. Also of interest, it assists patients with deadly, highly infectious diseases.  Importantly,, Atlas is designed to keep humans, particularly the military, out of harms way.  Much of the innovation technology that DARPA has developed serves the purpose of saving military lives in war and disaster zones.

Atlas, the Acrobat Robot with Strength and Compactness

3D printing technology manufactured Atlas hardware.  That technique saved weight and space and resulted in a very compact robot with high strength to weight ratio.  Additionally, that combination has dramatically expanded the space Atlas can work in.  Stereo vision, range sensing and other sensors enable Atlas to manipulate objects in its environment.  Atlas, with its advanced technology operates function in rough terrain.

Very recently, Boston Dynamics demonstrated Atlas jumping over boxes.  Also, it did a 180 degree airborne spin, jumped into a 3 foot tall box and finally backflipped and landed on the floor.  Atlas keeps its balance when knocked or pushed over and can get up if it tips over.  Google recently sold Boston Dynamics to the Japanese technology company Softbank. spotlights Atlas as fascinating and breakthrough innovation.  It’s tops on Fascinating Robotics – Backflipping Robots

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