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Oceanographic Innovation – FIFISH P3 Undersea Video-Recording Drone by Maryanne Kane of

Oceanographic Innovation.   Breakthrough technological innovation deployed deep beneath the ocean surface is one of the most burgeoning areas of innovation. To spotlight this leading area of innovation, we showcase QYSEA’s FIFISH P3.  It’s an underwater drone with highly advanced video, video streaming and photographic capabilities. Novice and experienced drone operators operate it.   FIFISH P3 won the CES Innovation Award for 2018.   Shenzhen, China based QYSEA invented FIFISH P3 and it’s their main product.  FIFISH P3 can record high quality video and highly professional photographs at depths up to 100 meters.  QYSEA calls it the world’s first truly professional underwater robot.

FIFISH P3 Livestreams Video from Undersea

FIFISH P3 is a remote controlled drone.  The robotic sea videographer is compact and lightweight.  Its embedded technology is highly advanced.  Specifically, the sensors are four times bigger than typical underwater sensors.  FIFISH P3 has a 20 megapixel Sony CMOS sensor.  And the drone has an incredibly wide angle camera with a 162 degree field of view.  FIFISH P3 brings to light the sea and marine life in its view by a 4000 lumen LED lighting capability. So, even in dark water, the video is bright and clear.

Oceanographic Innovation – Awesome Drone Technology Including Operating by Smart Phone

FIFISH P3 is leagues ahead of other undersea drones.  With its advanced technology, FIFISH has smooth motion in six directions.  QYSEA promises users superior hydrodynamic performance.  The drone’s ability to maneuver in six directions allows exploration of almost any underwater area up to a certain depth.  And most impressively, its hand-held remote control unit works with smart phones and tablets.

Oceanographic Innovation that’s Robust

FIFISH P3 is one of the most robust and advanced underwater exploration drones on the market.  QYSEA rigorously and successfully tested it to endure a full range of conditions.  Those conditions include depth stress, thermal shock, temperature changes and pressure loads.  Its dimensions are 492mm, 337mm, 183 mm and it weighs 6 kilograms.

Light-up the Sea

Oceanographic Innovation and exploration advance with FIFISH P3, the submersible, remote controlled explorer drone. In terms of quality video, it has enhanced contrast and a maximum ISO of 12800.  Importantly it captures the tiniest details in dark sea environments.  Three thrusters propel it forward at speeds up to 1.3 meters per second.  Additionally, it has automatic cruise control at fixed depths.  And that allows the operator to sit back and watch live video streaming.  Also, FIFISH P3 suspends in one location videoing the marine life as they swim by the drone.

It comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to two hours.  Priced at $3000, we view it as oceanographic innovation opening up discovery of the underwater world of the sea.

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