DARPA’s Flying Trucks

DARPA’s Flying Trucks.  Vehicles that Fly and Drive by Maryanne Kane of

DARPA’s Flying Trucks.  They have a strategic purpose to provide the US military with overwhelming tactical advantages in combat zones.  DARPA is the US Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.  It developed the internet, GPS, cloud computing, drones, highly advanced robots and much more.  The Flying Truck program’s code-name is ARES for Aerial Reconfigurable Enabled Systems. And, ARES is part of DARPA’s Transformer Program, whose primary mission is to develop Flying Cars.  Listen to our podcast with the inventor of the world’s first FAA and NTSB approved flying car  

DARPA’s Flying Trucks Designed for Vertical Takeoffs and Landings at High Speeds

The military importance of the ARES and Transformer programs is very significant.  Ground transportation to and from combat areas is dangerous.  And it is particularly dangerous in areas of rough terrain subject to ambush.  It’s important to note that US combat outposts require 100,000 pounds of material every week.  Thus enter ARES, a concept designed to significantly reduce risks to logistical deliveries.

ARES is a dual function vehicle for high speed takeoffs and landings and for driving on the ground.  It hovers and lands through two tilting fans.  And very importantly it is capable of high speeds during flight.  It aims to provide frontline troops with mission tactical VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing) capabilities.  To bypass ground threats DARPA’s focuses on unmanned aerial logistics systems.  These systems would more quickly and effectively deliver cargo and essential services in hard to reach combat areas.

DARPA’s Flying Trucks – Evasive Targets

DARPA scientists conceived, design and build their Flying Trucks and flying car projects for military applications.  So, as you might think, aerial threat evasion by the vehicles is a must. A key avenue of DARPA research is making the vehicles resistant particularly to IEDs, Improvised Explosive Devices, and surface to air missiles.  And, as in many other DARPA  innovation research projects, the commercial and consumer applications are fascinating.  A vision of the not so distant future:  commuting consumers in flying/driving cars and truckers, driving and flying in flying trucks.  ,  For more information on flying and driving drones,   and go to DARPA https://www/



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