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Boston, MA – April 25, 2018:  is a news website dedicated to serving as a primary resource on new and noteworthy innovation.  The site is run by national business journalists Maryanne Kane and Ed Webster.  They provide daily news posts on exciting, new, breakthrough innovation.  In fact, they have posted nearly one hundred innovation blog posts since the site went live on January 18, 2018.

The site includes daily blog posts, podcasts and national television programs.  All content showcases breakthrough global innovation. Journalists With National Television Programs

Maryanne Kane and Ed Webster are the co-creators of CEO Global Foresight.  CGF is a unique and highly successful, news/public affairs program on national public television.  Mr. Webster is the Executive Producer of the program series.  Ms. Kane serves as the host.  The programs focus on the exciting future of innovation across industries.  Their innovator guests share perspectives on where innovation is heading 5, 10 and 20 years from now.  The programs have aired nationwide for several years.

Global Innovation Guests

Program, podcast and blog guests include MIT-Sloan Dean David Schmittlein who is one of the world’s leading authorities on what it takes to be a successful innovator.  The CEO’s of innovation companies and organizations like DARPA, Bayer AG, Adidas AG, 3D Systems, P&G, Virgin Galactic and Exxon Mobil are guests.

The team created CEO Corner, a television program on New England Cable News.  For nearly 20 years, it airs throughout New England. Provides Unique Innovation Perspectives

According to Ms. Kane:  “The pace of global innovation is exponential.  It disrupts industries and changes life for the better.  We’re committed as journalists to chronicling exciting innovations in a timely, very understandable and accessible way.”  Mr. Webster added:  “The future is being delivered to all of us through the genius and creativity of breakthrough innovation.  For us, it’s a very exciting phenomena to witness and showcase.” posts, podcasts and television programs can be accessed at  For a post on DARPA’s Dancing Robots,   For innovation research at MIT,  and for DARPA innovation research 


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