Beneficial Innovations List by Journalist Ed Webster of

Beneficial Innovations List by Journalist and Executive Producer Ed Webster of

1.  Flying and Driving Robotic Cars

Topping our beneficial innovations list is flying and driving cars that are autonomous and robotic.  For most of us, this is an exciting game-changer in our lives.  Consider this.  Biggest game of the year is on-deck.  Happening this weekend. All roads heading to the stadium are full.  Traffic is at a standstill.  Last year, you missed much of the game because of traffic.  Now, thanks to the next generation of the robotic flying car, you don’t have to worry this year.  You can rely on your vertical takeoff and landing flying car.  You take off vertically from your driveway and land in the back of the stadium lot. You’re not driving and are the passenger.  Your robotic car does the transport. Your range is 50 miles.  And your cruising speed is 200 miles per hour.

You are all set for the game.  Flying cars, especially those with vertical takeoff and landing, will revolutionize personal transportation.  They will greatly benefit humanity globally in the not to distant future.  For more details on flying cars, listen to our podcast with the inventor of the world’s first FAA and NTSB flying car   Also, our post on flying and driving drones

2.  Supersonic Commercial Jets

Second on our beneficial innovations list is supersonic travel. Imagine a day trip back and forth from New York to London.  That is possible by 2025. One way supersonic flight time is three and a half hours.  Boom Supersonic has built the engines.  Their Baby Boom XB1 flies at Mach 2.2  That is two and a half times faster than commercial jets.  It’s ten percent faster than the Concorde.  Additionally, Baby Boom’s sonic boom is 30 times less than the Concorde.  Boom is developing a 55 passenger jet.  Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic is heavily involved.  Tickets are expected to be $5,000 roundtrip.  For more details,

3.  On Our Beneficial Innovations List, The Hyperloop

You’re working in Chicago and your family lives in Cleveland.  You regularly commute by car.  It’s a five hour trip one way.  What if you could make the trip in thirty minutes!  That’s the promise of The Hyperloop.  It’s a train-like mode of transportation. The Hyperloop travels at 700-800 miles per hour.  It eliminates the drag of friction by travelling through a vacuum sealed tube.  Trips from New York to Boston in 19 minutes.  Thirty-five minutes from Los Angeles to San Francisco.   No slowdowns from traffic jams.  It eliminates commuter headaches and nightmares.  What’s not to like?  For more on The Hyperloop,

4.  Vertical Farming – a Must on Beneficial Innovations List

It is worrisome.  In just thirty years, the world’s population explodes by a projected three billion people.  Food shortages result. How do we feed growing populations in the third world?  And, on a personal level, how do we get our favorite salads, pasta, meals, deserts and all the other foods we love?  Vertical food farming starts answering these globally crucial questions.

With vertical farming, new land farms are not needed for increased production.  Indoor food production reduces the need for plowing, planting and harvesting with traditional farm equipment.  And many other benefits develop from vertical farming.  No disruption of wild animals, food security and no farm worker exposure to pesticides.  Crop production escalates.  Weather problems not a factor.  Too hot and cold temperatures, like freeze and draught, gone and eliminated.

For more on our journalism on farming innovations, see our post Robotic Farm   and our podcast/national television show on Bayer Crop Science

5.  Next on Beneficial Innovations List — 3D Printing

For those who like to have unique objects or those who like to create, the sky is the limit with 3D printing.  That’s the potential to empower all of us to create, print and make art and essentials of importance and of benefit to us.  How about a 3D printed car?  It is a reality.  The Urbee is an example.  It seats two, travels at 70 miles per hour and drives on three wheels.  You’re the first in the neighborhood in your 3D car.

Applications of 3D printing are everywhere.  Chocolates, jewelry, clothing, shoes, bikes, human organs and much more is possible.  3D printing is an industrial revolution  Experts believe it is the next industrial revolution. It disrupts current manufacturing. 3D printing enables creation at a personalized, and manufactured level. No limits on 3D Printing on our beneficial innovations list.

For a podcast with one of the world’s leading experts on 3D printing

6.  Robotics on Beneficial Innovations List

Robots may be man’s new best friend.   Or second best.  You’re tired of routine household tasks.  Cooking,, cleaning and doing laundry are not a few of your favorite things.  Forget about it!  Robots to the rescue.

In fact, there are many tasks robots can accomplish.  Receptionists, guides, waiters, cooks, butlers, surgeons just to name a few.  Boston Dynamics and other companies are producing robots that can run 28 miles per hour and do backflips.  With such athletic abilities they may soon be on our playing fields, playing baseball, football and soccer.  Robotic innovation is experiencing exponential growth. It is part of an amazing array of our beneficial innovations list.

For many news posts on robotic innovation, see

Also DARPA, the US  Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency is at the forefront of robotic innovation

And Boston Dynamics, the developer of the world’s fastest robot and backflipping robots


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