Sports Brain Injury – New Test

Sports Brain Injury – New Test. Designed to Detect Traumatic Brain Injuries

A first of its kind. For sports brain injury, a new test to evaluate players injured on the field.  Approved by the FDA, the biomarker test is for cases of mild traumatic brain injury.’ Banyan Biomarkers Inc. of Florida developed the blood test.  The test measures two proteins that show if peripheral blood is coming from the impact area of the brain.  If blood flow is detected, doctors would order a CT scan to determine how serious the traumatic brain injury is.  The biomarker test doesn’t determine if a concussion has occurred.  It detects the level of risk.  Specifically, whether the injury is high or low risk.

Military Applications

The US Defense Department provided initial funding for the new test.  Military officials want a point of care test for the battlefield to determine the extent of brain injury in real time.  Scientists at Banyan say their test is generation one.  The point of care, real time test for the playing field, battlefield and at accident scenes is generation two.  Researchers expect deployment in the not too distant future.

Sports Brain Injury New Test with Great Accuracy

Test results are excellent.  Of great importance is the fact that clinical trials had 97.5% accuracy rates on intracranial lesions that later showed on CT scans.  Additionally, the tests had 99.6% accuracy on patients with no lesions.  But, there is a time issue right now.  Blood tests take three to four hours to analyze in hospital labs.  CT scans take thirty minutes.  Also, physicians use other real time benchmarks like patient history, amnesia, vomiting and unconsciousness to red-flag high risk patients.

New Test for Kids Hit in the Head on the Field

For now the FDA approved the sports brain injury new test for use on adults.  The FDA should approve the test for use on kids injured playing sports within a year.  Pediatric trials are underway.

This is potentially very important point of care medical testing.  There are many applications such as sports stadiums and fields.  But additionally, the tests can be used on battlefields, accident scenes and for head injury patients being transported by ambulance to the emergency room.  Next area of research:  hand held test devices on sports fields to deliver data on whether it is safe for the head injured player to continue playing.

For more on sports related traumatic brain injury see our post on Boston University research   For Boston University CTE, traumatic brain injury research see,  And Banyan Biomarkers, Inc.


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