Restaurant Robots by Journalist Maryanne Kane

Restaurant robots are on duty from China to Boston. The robots work as chefs, cooks, waiters, dish washers and entertainers. Question is:  do you have to tip them?  That’s up to you.  It’s a robotic culinary adventure that includes a lot of good food and entertainment value.  And, it’s game-changing innovation that is really starting to take-off.

Tipping Point for the Restaurant Industry

A new Boston restaurant uses robotic technology to prepare meals.  At Spyce in Downtown Crossing, the restaurant robots prepare all the meals.  Four MIT engineers, along with Michelin-starred Chef Daniel Boulud and financial backers, are behind it.  They claim the robots cook your made to order meal in three minutes.  The robots also clean and do the dishes.  Spyce is a fast casual restaurant.  Their robots specialize in cooking vegetables and grains to order.

Restaurant Robots Waiters and Cooks in China

Robot Restaurant in Harbin, China has 20 robots serving dinners.  The Robots cook the meals and wait tables.  They usher guests to tables and provide entertainment.  In fact, there’s a singing robot and a mechanical, robotic master chef.  Robot Restaurant is growing in international popularity.  Each robot costs Robot Restaurant about $35,000.  They stand five feet tall.  The robots have ten facial expressions.  They can say a few welcoming words. The restaurant robots prepare more than 30 dishes.  A number of restaurants in China are replacing their wait staff with less sophisticated robots.  Typically, the robots are a lot cheaper than human workers. On average, robots for the Chinese restaurant industry cost $1200 upfront per robot.

Robotic Restaurant Eating Forecasts for 2020 and Beyond

At a recent National Restaurant Association annual meeting, experts from Microsoft indicated that Artificial Intelligence and robots are the keys to the restaurant industry’s global future.  Automation in restaurants will drive their fate and future.  Robots increasingly will cook food, manage inventory, wait tables and deliver food.  Fast food chains especially have a big robotic future. National Restaurant Association experts believe automation increases food safety, efficiency and meal customization for customers.  A big future looms for restaurant robots.

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