Animal Hearts

Animal hearts.  There’s significant and accelerating innovation in the application of veterinary breakthroughs to human health care.  Also, there are dramatic breakthroughs in the application of human medical innovations to animals.  For instance, crossovers from human health care include laproscopy for dogs.  Vets utilize a small laproscopic camera and light to see inside the animal’s body.  The animal to human breakthroughs include genetics underlying disease, individualized treatments and creation of artificial organs. What’s new and developing is vital information for all of us.   Here’s some important information about innovation in vetenary medicine.

Animal Hearts Bioengineered for Humans

Globally there’s a tremendous need for human organ transplants.  In the United States alone, 117,000 people are on transplant lists on average every month.  Genetic engineering is closing in on a solution.  Pigs are a very close match for humans.  But there’s a problem.  Novel infections that could be transmitted from the animal’s DNA to the human recipient. A Cambridge, Massachusetts biotech eGenesisbio may have innovated the solution.

The Perfect Litter

It may be the perfect litter of animal hearts.  eGenesisbio scientists have gene-edited the damaging DNA component out of the pig cells and created eight litters of piglets with perfect organs.  More research is needed, including how to prevent organ rejections by humans.  That too may be addressed by genetic engineering.

Future of Beneficial Animal and Human Health Innovations

The possibility of growing acceptable replacements for human organs at specialized pig farms may be very close.  And for many people, desperately needing  a transplant, that may be the difference between life and death.

For animals, the beneficial applications of human medical care are many.  Examples include MRI’s and ultrasounds for cat and dog patients.  The intersection of veterinary medicine and human medical developments is creating breakthrough medical innovations benefitting “all God’s creatures.” This gives new meaning to man’s best friend.

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And for information on eGenesisbio



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