Flying Water Cars

Flying water cars. It’s an innovation dream of airborne personal car transportation hovering over water. Now it’s on the verge of happening. A commuting prototype is called SeaBubbles.  It’s your airborne personal water taxi . A French company hopes to be the Uber for water taxis with its SeaBubbles prototype.  Autonomous, car-shaped river and harbor personal shuttles that rise inches above the surface of the water to get you to your destination.

Destination Adventure:  Flying Water Cars

They carry you as a water taxi above the water dockside to dockside.  Next generation of this type of flying car technology is to carry the passenger to an inland destination.  Like it?  Want to commute up the Thames and avoid London traffic? Or how about on the River Seine to your Paris business office?  Here in Boston, wouldn’t you like to hydrofoil up the Charles River and avoid Storrow Drive gridlocked traffic for hours in rush hour?  Commuter, your time has come.

SeaBubbles and Robotic Tech to the Rescue

SeaBubbles, which is a French startup company, has a bold vision to revolutionize urban transport. The vision is a network of autonomous, car-shaped shuttles, equipped with hydrofoils. Hydrofoils allow the craft to hover and move over the water.  The company’s mission it to distribute the vehicles to cities around the world.  Vehicles would be used in a personalized, on-demand ferry service.  The vehicles hover a few inches above the water.  Fortunately, a windshield is included to avoid the splash.

SeaBubbles’ Global Mission Has Competition

Financial bakers support SeaBuddles, including the French government backed BPI fund.  Innovators Alain Thebault and Anders Bringdal, a sailor and windsurfer, launched SeaBubbles They plan on deploying a dozen vessels in the Seine this year. And over the next year, expanding service to a dozen cities in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and US.  Their goal is on-demand water taxi service operational in 50 cities by 2024,  It’s a water/flying car service at the cutting edge of innovation.  And there are many competitors hovering over the water, on the roads and in the skies too.  Including Uber’s autonomous flying drones, now trending.  And Terrafugea’s TFX, the vertical flying car prototype that flies like a helicopter and drives like a car.

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