Robot Pets

What’s next in robotics?  Robot pets?  An animal scientist at the University of Melborne Jean-Loup Rault believes robo pets are the next big thing. And, they’re already on the market. Sony has a robotic dog named Aibo that dances and fetches a ball.  Aibo has a camera in its nose. Sensors operate on top of its head, back and chin.  The puppy robot has Artificial Intelligence and develops a personality over time.  It loves to be petted.  You can buy it in Japan for $1,740.  A companion robot, it understands Japanese and English.  More languages to come.  Sony intends to sell robo-pup globally.  And there are more puppy breeds that Sony is developing.

Robot Pets – No Mess

Pet robots certainly have a lot going for them.  They’re clean, don’t have to be walked and won’t destroy your house when teething.  Also no problem with allegories, small living spaces and mobility issues.  And, then there’s the money saving issue.  Americans spend billions on their pets every year.  $58 billion plus a year.  With robotic pets, there are no veterinary, food, boarding and other bills.  And robo pets can be programmed to read your emotions and react to them.  According to roboticists at Georgia Institute of Technology, pet robots may serve as lifetime companions.  Consider the potential of teaching them tasks such as fetching a bottle of soda or tidying up a room!  It gives new meaning to “man’s best friend”.

Human-Machine Bonding

The drive to humanize robots is unrelenting.  DARPA, the US Defense Department’s Advanced Research Projects Agency is programming robots with manners and human social skills.  DARPA is also teaching robots to dance to increase their mobility.  Robot companions in places like nursing homes are becoming more common.  Some robotic experts believe it’s inevitable that humans will interact with their robotic pets as animals.

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