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Cities Built by Internet –  Innovation Cityscapes

Sidewalks Labs, a Google parent owned company, describes its Toronto project as “the world’s first city built from the internet up”.  It’s called Quayside and is a 12 acre, mixed use “complete community” smart city model.  The vision of functionality is awesome.  It’s located in Toronto’s industrial waterfront district.  Public hearings and community meetings are happening now.  Construction is set to start in 2019.

No Cars, No Landfills, No Fossil Fuels

Cities built by internet and Sidewalks Labs are eco-friendly urban spaces.  Much of the Quayside neighborhood is vehicle free.  Where vehicles are allowed, they are autonomous and shared.  There are food disposal systems that eliminate the need for landfills.  Plenty of bike and walking paths.  There’s a self-contained power grid that uses non-fossil fuels as an energy source.  The energy recirculates to heat and cool buildings.  Buildings are constructed of eco-friendly materials and have multiple uses.  Meaning they morph from business and industrial to residential and possibly educational.  This project is smart city planning at the cutting edge of innovation.

Quayside’s Internet Backbone

The foundation of Sidewalks Lab’s groundbreaking project is highly advanced internet expertise.  Sidewalks deploys a network of sensors in Toronto to monitor urban problems such as a air pollution.  Every aspect of Quayside from design, technology and policy is based on data from the sensors.  The project marries cutting edge urban design with highly advanced digital technology.

Cities Built by Internet –  Future of Global Cities

Sidewalks’ Toronto project is well on its way.  The Canadian government and Waterfront Toronto, a government agency, are partners. Multiple public venues in Toronto are discussing it. We’ll know within the next year if it flourishes.

The promise of affordable, environmentally friendly urban spaces is alluring.  More than one-fifth of the greenhouse emissions globally come from buildings.  Buildings like homes, schools, hospitals and office buildings are spewing out emissions for heat, cooling, power and electricity at an alarming rate.  They’re a major contributor to climate change.

If Sidewalks’ Toronto Quayside project works, it’s an innovation gamechangers for cities worldwide.



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