3D Printing’s Future

3D printing’s future is now.  Breakthrough new printing technology is enabling 3D printing in metal.  That’s the holy grail for 3D printing.  3D metal printing will enable widespread 3D printing of automobiles, aircraft, refrigerators and much more.  New 3D metal printers will disrupt traditional manufacturing and lead to exponential growth for the 3D printing industry.

3D Printing’s Future Goes Metallic

3D printing has been utilized globally for years.  Plastics have been the primary material for printing.  The products created by consumers and manufactured by business are many.  3D printed toys, jewelry, shoes, fashion, dentures and even artificial organs.  But now the product range is about to greatly expand.  3D metal printing has been constricted in growth by cost and long turnaround times.  Three companies now lead the way with 3D metal printers that make metal printing practical.

New 3D Metal Printers Create Expanding Markets

GE, Markforged and Desktop Metal are bringing to market new technology metal printers.  They create lighter, stronger and more complex metal parts than traditional fabrication can. MIT experts view the emerging 3D technology as breakthrough.  3D printers can now manufacture metal objects quickly and cheaply.  GE has developed a 3D metal printer fast enough to efficiently manufacture large and complex metal objects.  Markforged just entered the market with the first under $100,000 3D metal printer.  And Desktop Metals has introduced a metal prototyping 3D printer.

Future in 3D

Experts have long hailed 3D printing as a disruptive innovation, capable of bringing significant change across a broad swath of industries.  The new 3D metal printers can fundamentally change manufacturing of large metal parts.  It’s potential is to shift business from mass production of metal parts.  New business may flow to smaller manufacturing facilities which customize production through 3D metal printers to meet ever changing customer needs.

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