Flying and Driving Robotic Car

This robotic vehicle would be of great benefit to humanity.  An autonomous flying and driving car.  Consider tomorrow night’s big game.  Last year, you missed most of it because of traffic.  Not this time.  Thanks to the next generation of flying cars, you have no worries.  You rely on your vertical takeoff and landing flying car.  You fly out of your driveway in your car that works like a helicopter.  And you land at the football or basketball stadium parking lot.  You’re not driving.  The robot is.  It drives into a parking space.  No problem.  You’re there.  You’ve been driven and flown by a robot for 50 miles in your gamechanging robotic vehicle.   And, at a cruising speed of 200 miles per hours.

How cool is that?  It’s under development.

Our podcast  on this emerging tech


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