Latest Flying Car Tech

Latest Flying Car Tech – Smart, Electric and Robotic.

What’s the latest flying car tech?  Your next generation vehicle may be a flying and driving drone.  Robotic.  Autonomous.  Electric.  Vertical takeoffs and landings.  Cruising speeds of 200 miles per hour plus.  Researchers around the world are working on concept and prototype flying cars.  Plus there are a few real time examples flying and driving now.


Flying and Driving – Up, Up and Away Protofype

Chinese owned company Terrafugea, founded by MIT Ph.D Dr. Carl Dietrich, has a concept prototype, the TFX.  It takes off and lands vertically like a helicopter and drives like a car.  Robotic, electric, efficient, autonomous. Backed by Chinese financiers. This is something to watch. Terrafugea team of MIT engineers created the world’s first Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board approved flying car, the Transition.

MIT Research Takes-Off

Roboticists at MIT are developing flying and driving drones that they call the “flying cars”.  They are quadcopter drones with four main motors and two smaller motors attached to the wheels of the base.  They are autonomous and swarm without collisions.  Researchers say the drones enable them to test various flying car concepts.  It’s clear that the future holds flying, driving robotically driven vehicles.



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